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Automatic Weighing Filling Machine KWS6911-2L

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We can customize down filling machines and complete production lines of various models and purposes, which are widely used in garment, home textile and toy processing industries. This equipment can be filled with 30/40/50/60/70/80/90 down, feather silk, ball yarn and polyester staple fiber.

This machine adopts fully automatic computer intelligent control, accurate and stable, Support remote management and system upgrade, support multiple languages.

KWS6911-2L full-automatic down jacket filling machine, is based on KWS-688 plus a large-scale machine, the storage capacity of cotton storage box can reach 45 kg, built-in weighing system, said the machine has 8 scales for recycling, a total of 2 filling nozzle, 2 working stations can be used at the same time. This machine is suitable for filling heavy wool, cotton and mixed material products.The filling accuracy is high, the speed is fast, and the error is less than 0.01g.

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  • All electrical components are of well-known international brands, and the accessory standards comply with the "International Electrotechnical Standards" and the safety regulations of Australia, the European Union, and North America.
  • The sheet metal is processed by advanced equipment such as laser cutting and CNC bending. Surface treatment adopts electrostatic spraying process, beautiful and generous, durable.
Automatic Weighing Filling Machine KWS6911-2L09
Automatic Weighing Filling Machine KWS6911-2L08
Automatic Weighing Filling Machine KWS6911-2L09


The fully automatic weighing and high-efficiency down filling machine is suitable for the production of various styles of down jackets and down products. Widely used in warm winter clothes, down jackets, down pants, lightweight down jackets, goose down jackets, down jackets, sleeping bags, pillows, cushions, duvets and other warm products.

Automatic Weighing Filling Machine KWS6911-2L16
Automatic Weighing Filling Machine KWS6911-2L13
Automatic Weighing Filling Machine KWS6911-2L01


Automatic Weighing Filling Machine KWS6911-203
Automatic Weighing Filling Machine KWS6911-204

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