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China-eu cooperation international intelligent machinery

My company accumulated many years of the basic experience of mechanical processing, from the product output, technology, equipment, brand construction, patent, technology output, so our company introduced European technology, efforts to build automatic machinery international brand, our production of automatic down jacket filling machine, toy filling machine, pillow filling equipment, electrical part of the international famous brands, accessories standards in accordance with the international electrical standards in accordance with the European Union, North America, Australia and other regions of safety standards. High standardization and generalization of parts, simple and convenient maintenance, sheet metal using laser cutting and CNC bending and other advanced technology, the surface of electrostatic spraying process, beautiful appearance, durable.
Ponda Global, from Finland, has a long history of industrial design and a professional design team. After two days of meeting, we reached a consensus and signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement.Committed to build an international intelligent machinery, to meet the needs of customers, improve customer interests, to achieve common development with customers, mutual benefit and mutual win.


Post time: Apr-12-2023